Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Neverwinter Beginner Guide

Welcome to where we will be giving you some tips to make you a better player of Neverwinter. At the time of writing we have just 24 hours until the official launch of this free but very good MMO.

We will be going through any changes that you need to be aware of and there will be some as the game is still technical in Beta.

However we thought we would start by giving you some general beginner tips and leveling tips for Neverwinter.

Leveling In Neverwinter:

Leveling is fairly simple or at least you will see your next destination on the minimap but there are a couple of things that can help you out.

Firstly make sure you spend your feat points every level and equip any new spells. Another thing you will want to make sure you do is train your companions as well. If your companions are underpowered that will affect your game.

Level 10 will give you your first two attribute points and you will also be able to start taking part in PVP. Level 16 and you will see a new dungeon which is called “The Cloak Tower”.

One of the main levels that you want to keep a watch out for is level 20.

You just need 1 gold to get the mount so make sure when you are leveling from about level 10 you start saving. You will also have the option of spending Astral Diamonds to get a special mount that will set you back 168,000 diamonds!

You will also get a helm at level 20.

You will get a big decision at level 30 as you need to pick a path for your character to follow so make sure you pick this carefully as it will change the way you play.

We will have some more tips on the way that will run through the new professions and other changes during launch.

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