Saturday, 29 June 2013

Neverwinter Fast Leveling Guide

In this post we are looking at fast progress in Neverwinter. You can see a previous post we wrote about this here.

You might think that leveling is fairly straightforward in the game and you would be right! Essentially you will go from A to B and then complete quests. The quests are a lot like World of Warcraft in so far as you will get told to “kill this” “pick up 10 of these” – however actually leveling is not the problem.

The problem comes when you start to get further in the game and you need a mount. Or worse still you get to a decent level and you want to start taking part in PVP and Dungeons and then you will need to know about Gear.

So a few tips to help you out generally so you can make fast progress:

Ø  Save your money. When you get gold and silver in the early levels – save it until you get your mount.

Ø  Use and know about professions. This is one of the fastest ways to actually make fast progress. You will need to know about the professions and crafting if you want to make money and make fast progress.

Ø  Gear and stats – Depending on what class you pick – different stats will be favoured. So find a good class guide that will tell you what you should be doing in terms of gear.

Then of course if you focus on quests and leveling you will make far faster progress.

One of the best ways to make even faster progress is to learn from the best.

You can ask in the forums, search in the forums or if you are looking for more help and are determined to get the most from the game you need to check out the Neverwinter Supremacy guide >> 

This guide has been created by one of the top players of the game and you will get a complete leveling guide, class guide, PVP guide and more! If you are really serious about seeing all of the content FAST you need to check out the Neverwinter Supremacy Leveling Guide

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