Thursday, 20 June 2013

Neverwinter Leveling Guide For Beginners

In this post we are going to give you some tips to help you level fast. The main thing I would say is to keep on questing. It sounds obvious but it is easy to get side tracked. Plus you will need to keep hold of your gold as you level because you will need the mount at level 20.

You can also view our Neverwinter Beginners guide if you want more tips on how to level.

Another really big part of the game is the currency and we will run through that quickly so you have at least a working knowledge of how things work.

You have a few different currencies in Neverwinter that range from Zen, Astral Diamonds and then Gold, Silver and Copper.

You will find Zen across all Cryptic games and at the minute you can swap Zen for Astral Diamonds or vice versa.

Astral Diamonds are what you need! They will help you get special mounts, weapons and gear. The quickest way to start collecting Astral Diamonds is to use your Invocation skill at a campfire every 30 minutes.

The easiest way to think of Gold, Silver and Copper is the base currency. Anything you sell to the vendors in the game will reward you with this.

You also have bounties and trade bars and these are a special kind of currency you get for completing quests. You will want to get these as you can trade them for rare goods with special vendors around Neverwinter.

Another question we get is:

“Do You Need To Spend Money In Neverwinter To Have Fun?”

Well it is free to play but it helps to spend money.

Although saying that if you want to get some really good enchants for your gear and weapons you can spend hundreds of $$$’s and not get anywhere!

We recommend if you really want to dominate in Neverwinter without spending money you check out the Neverwinter Supremacy Strategy Guide as it will give you everything you need to level FAST:

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