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Neverwinter Control Wizard Build

In this post we are looking at a build for the Control Wizard. Builds are the life blood of the game or at least how well you do with the character you play. 

If you get your build wrong you will be in a lot of trouble and probably not have as much fun.

We suggest if this is your first time playing an MMORPG and you are not sure how builds work you check out the Neverwinter Supremacy Guide for some awesome builds and a leveling guide for the game:

For a decent build read on below and a big Thank you to sent8 for this build that you can read the full version here >

Control Wizard Frost Build:

At Wills:
1) Chilling Cloud or MM doesn't matter. My suggestion MM will give u better single target damage which will be helpful with this AOE build. Early on it's MM obviously.
2) Ray of frost (Amazing ability, fast cast speed and extra CC)

Encounter Power:
1)Conduit of Ice
2)Icy Terrain.
3)Steal Time
4)Chill strike/Icy Rays (with my feat build Icy Rays has some great damage)

Now it's up to you which ability you put in your spell mastery, and depends entirely on your play style. I messed around with a lot of them, but I like Conduit of Ice most for this build.

1) Ice Knife
2) Arcane Singularity (Replaced Ice Storm here, AS will pull all targets together letting you CoI and other AOE abilities hit all targets) Great ability.

1) Evocation
2) Eye of the Storm/Storm Spell (as long as damage is ticking, Storm spell has a chance to proc) Decision is yours.

I used this build for most of my leveling, and it really started to excel at 50-60. It's very efficient at cc'ing and clearing large groups of mobs. It has decent single target damage and cooldowns are relatively low. Here are my feats.

Feats: (Because I went Human I got the 3 additional feat points. I tried to figure this w/o being human so If I gave any extra feat Points lemme know.

Controlling action 5/5: We have lots of CC and movement impairing abilities in this build, so the majority of your damage will increase your AP. More Dailies to throw out is always a good thing.

Fight On 5/5: 10% Reduction in CD for all encounter spells. Less CD means more chances to use and ability and more damage output= Profit.

Blighting Power 3/3: 9% increased damage to targets effected by chill.

Wizards Wrath 3/3: The majority of our abilities are Aoe so why not.

Focused Wizardry 3/3: This with Wizard's wraith gives our AOE abilities a 15% increase in damage. Add that with our Evocation 15% increase gives our Aoe abilities a 30% increase in damage.

Think any class other than human will have one point left over (correct me if I am wrong). So I usually put what ever is left over into Toughness for more HP.

Now to our fun Feats the tree I chose was: Thaumaturge 

Why you may ask. Damage, damage and more damage. Read More of the build HERE

For a COMPLETE Leveling Guide And Builds Check Out The Neverwinter Strategy Guide here >>

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